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GUATEMALA, land of eternal spring
About Guatemala

Guatemala’s charms are as varied as its colors, from the Mayan ruins in Tikal to the colonial magnificence of Antigua, having both been preserved for centuries. It has the natural beauty of Lake Atitlán and Semuc Champey, and a variety of destinations and attractions enough to please any traveler. Among some of Guatemala ’s destinations are:

Antigua Guatemala it’s as if time hadn’t gone by, with its streets made out of stone and its impressive views of Volcán de Agua, color and harmony unite among ruins and churches with their colonial magnificence. The convent of Las Capuchinas, La Merced church, and the convent’s ruins, among others. You can take tours on coffee farms, practice extreme sports or you can just relax, and if you decide to choose Antigua as your main location, the beach is just 1 hour away and there is transportation from Antigua to different places in Guatemala…


Lake Atitlán, Panajachel   

Lake Atitlán is beautiful as it is, and it’s surrounded by 12 towns which you can visit by taking water taxis that usually have daily routes, making stops at Santiago Atitlán, San Pedro la Laguna, San Marcos, San Antonio Palopó, among others. The main street in Panajachel is Calle Santander, which has a variety of stores, arts and crafts, bars and restaurants. This street is directly connected to Lake Atitlán.


Semuc Champey, Alta Verapaz 

It’s a series of waterfalls on different levels that form natural pools which are above a subterraneous river, surrounded by forest. River Cahabón enters into these waterfalls and exits from a tunnel that goes underground, ideal for rafting. if you like adventure and nature, this is the place. 


Just 1 ½ hours away from Antigua, it has black-sand beaches, yes , black volcanic sand beaches, a place where you will enjoy the sunset with a warm weather and apart from that you can visit a natural reserve and a sea turtle sanctuary, which is a project created for the protection of giant sea turtles and a great place to learn about their cycle of life…

Pacaya Volcano

This majestic volcano is surrounded by vegetation. It forms part of the active volcanoes in Guatemala, which you can really climb and closely contemplate the lava and feel its heat and the fury of nature. It has a spectacular view of the lake.

Tikal, Petén

It consists of a mainly virgin tropical jungle and it is home to the largest amount of archaeological sites and Mayan ruins, you can also catch an eye of different species of animals, birds, flora, and fauna. Tikal is the most impressive of all the Mayan sites, not only because of its perfect silhouette, but also because it is surrounded by a jungle with different living species inside of it. The peaks of many Mayan temples stand out above the dense jungle.

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